Preorder Classic WoW Powerleveling Guide

Most of the World of Warcraft players know, that the real game starts at level 80. That is the number one reason, why they want to achieve level 80 so fast. Unfortunately, new players don’t have enough knowledge to speed level their characters from 1 to 80, so they struggle for months until they get level 80. The ideal solution for them is to get a powerleveling guide. But, before you get one, read more to learn some great WoW leveling tips. By clicking here we get info about WoW Classic Powerleveling.


Without a god talent build, you will never get level 80. So many new players fail, because they have poorly designed talent build. As a general rule, I recommend you to choose those talents, which increase your damage done, instead of those, which increase your healing done or defense. For example, always go for Retribution tree as a Paladin, since it is the main damage dealing tree. If you are interested in a more detailed talent guide for your class, then get an advanced WoW powerleveling guide, which gives you detailed instructions on the best talent build.


Vast majority of the new players haven’t heard about add-ons. And this is a huge disadvantage for them. Add-ons are little scripts, which modify some aspects of the game. The most experienced players always use some of the best add-ons. For example, one of the best add-ons is the Cartographer, which uncovers the whole map, so you always know the exact location of your current quest objective.

The Ultimate WoW Powerleveling Guide

It is crucial to read this paragraph, as there are some really terrible leveling guide. If you want to succeed you must buy the best possible one. Always choose a guide, which is completely automated. These advance leveling guides, automatically designs the best route to level 80, and their instructions appear right away in your screen. All you need to do is to follow their step-by-step instructions.

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